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Let me introduce you to my loves….

First of all, My Baby.

It’s actually my dad’s, but he let’s
me tour with it.

Playing at the WRCA World Championship Finals in Amarillo, TX

It’s a jumbo body, Gibson J100,
6 string.

It has such a rich, big sound and I love how it matches the deep ranges of my voice.

It has traveled from brandings in Utah, to opening for The Josh Abbott Band in Texas, to playing at a ranch roping in Italy.

It is ever constant and curvy… just like me!

Here I was playing at Victory Ranch, in Morgan Hill, CA

This is my Crafter 6 string, dreadnaught cut-away. I’ve had it for a little over 2 years now and I generally take it as my backup guitar at gigs.

I was asked to audition for America’s Got Talent a couple years ago, and my friend Seven Williams from the band Whiskey Falls, loaned me a Crafter to play for the audition!

I liked it so much I ended up getting my own!

In the studio in Tuscon, AZ

This is my Fender banjo.

I just got it this summer and am still messing around with how to incorporate it into my sets…basically I love it and it makes me feel like a cowboy-girl/woodsman!!

This was taken at a photo shoot
for my sister and I’s blog, Buckaroo Barbie

Here’s my little vintage, nylon string classical guitar.

I found it in a corner in an antique store one day while I was scrounging around looking for deals with my sister, Liz, and I snatched it up for $26!

I like to have it around so I have something I can play without worrying about it getting hurt. Or you know, just in case I go all John Belushi one day on a folk-singer who is wailing on the staircase of Animal House. 🙂

Did you know that from the time I was four until I was 13, I was trained to play classical piano? Well, I was and I’ve even preformed in a castle in Scotland for a recital when I was young!

I eventually traded in piano lessons for opera, but I still like to play at home. I don’t play any of the old pieces I used to, now days I like to mess around and accompany myself with renditions of The Rolling Stones’s Wild Horses.

When I was little I always enjoyed making up my own songs to play, way more than practicing what Bach or Mozart had written…my family called them “makeup songs’!

I also have and play an Alveraz 6 string dreadnaught guitar and a Breedlove 12 string cut-away guitar, but I don’t have any pictures of them right now!

I hope you enjoyed looking at what I love to play!

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