The things that makes you smile…

Today, while feeding the ponies with Liz, she saw something moving down by the creek and told me to look…we saw the cutest dang otter that has been hanging around the ranch wallowing…(thats right I said wallowing) downstream playing on his back and chattering to himself.  

Now, we see these sorts of things all the time. Bobcats, hogs, hawks, deer, bears, beaver, (sometimes a cat or two) and on occasion…a wild ever-elusive black cow on the wrong side of the fence. 
Ok, never mind…who am I kidding? 
The black cows are everywhere up here and ALWAYS seem to be on the wrong side of the fence! 
I just thought I would share this lil bit of our everyday here at home with you guys. This sort of thing always makes me smile, and I hope it brings you a smile as well! 


3 thoughts on “The things that makes you smile…

  1. Awh. Otters are so cute! The river we live on is huge, so actually seeing Otters is kind of a rare thing. I think they’re fun and cute, my dad looks at them as natural predators furthering our battle over Coho 😉

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