On the Road with Ranch and Reata Roadhouse….

Hey everyone!

Here are some pictures from this last weekends show at the Ranch and Reata Roadhouse in Santa Ynez. This was such a fun show-I had my incredible guitarist Nick Luca out to play with me which was amazing and such a treat to get to play with someone especially since this show was being recorded live!

Thank-you to everyone who came out and made this such a great performance!

Breakfast in Solvang with the sissy! 

Cheese! I’m not awake yet…

Guest spot with Tyler on Crazy Country….


One of my favorite places! 

With my amazing guitarist Nick Luca..

Ranch and Reata Roadhouse with Nick…

What a wonderful girl! Liz and I with Jody, her and her dad have been at ALL of my last
few shows and I always love seeing them! 

Coming off the pass into Santa Barbara…

Best friends and traveling partners! 

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