Outfit of the day…Kimono’s & turquoise

I can’t get enough of big bell bottoms and kimonos right now…

I love how easy it is to throw on a pair of jeans and boots-but a town version rather than a work-version. Just because you’re having to do town errands, chores or are spending all day in class on campus-you don’t have to stop dressing just like YOU want and you feel comfortable in!

If I’m wearing a flowy dress or skirt I’ll want to offset it with something chunky/heavy like a wide leather belt with an iron or big buckle. Same thing if I’ve got dark jeans and leather going on, I’ll want to add something a little bit more feminine for a little touch of girly among all the rough.


Most days you can find me wearing a pair of Sissie and Me Ranch Royalty jeans, but today I wanted something a little bit more “grungy”. I went with a great pair of grey bell bottoms from H&M that Liz and I both own pairs of. It was a chance find on a sale rack, and I LOVE the fit! They are actually high enough in the back so that when you bend over or lean down you’re not showing the whole world what color undies you’re wearing, but they fit tight enough on the knee and around the leg to still show off your curves. 
You can get a pair like these HERE


These awesome lace up fashion packers were an impulse buy when I was 13 by my mother. No joke. I have no idea why she got them for me back then, because I never used to wear them (And I probably wouldn’t have let a 13 year old wear something that high!) Now I wear them all the time, and the fact that they are seriously the most comfortable thing in the world, is a huge plus! FRY made this pair, and I think they are a great option if you like to wear boots but want something a lil more dressy for town.
You can get these HERE


Be still my beating heart….my first Alexander Wang T-shirt.
Yep. It was a find in a vintage shop, practically unworn, totally gorgeous and settles on the skin like water. I never want to wear another Tshirt again. No joke.
You can get a shirt like this HERE!


Before this Christmas I’d never been into an Urban Outfitters before, but some really great friends of ours gave Lizzy and I each a gift card-so we ventured in for the first time. Oh my goodness. Yep I’m in love. I went for this kimono right off the bat (of course) because I hadn’t been able to find a vintage one I liked lately enough to spread out greenbacks for….Then this baby came into my life! 
I love the fabric and how soft it is, and also how it doesn’t snag on anything. I had a couple other kimonos that the fringe would snag on EVERYTHING in and it got tiring to stop and un-hook myself all the time! 
You can get this one HERE


The Squash blossom was a vintage find in a store on Etsy that for the LIFE of me I cannot remember! 
I usually keep my eyes open on Ebay for good signed pieces that aren’t going to cost an arm and a leg (because really, who has time for that?!) This one isn’t signed, but I love knowing that there is a story behind it somewhere and that it has character…. You can always check out these keywords HERE for some good Squash Blossoms! 
Belt Buckle
Ahhh the excitement! I saw this buckle one day in one of my favorite stores in Souther California, IRON AND RESIN and was totally drooling over it. It was too close to my Birthday for me to be buying a bunch of stuff for myself though, so I left and felt sad that someone else was going to get my beautiful Indian head buckle. However the morning of my birthday, my family gave me the gorgeous thing wrapped in pink tissue paper, and I esentially haven’t taken it off since then! 
I’m not honestly sure WHERE you can get something like this…I assume Ebay and Etsy would be a good start though! 
These are a favorite silver pair from Mexico that my friend gave me one year, and because of how light they are I love being able to wear them all day long. Scouring antique shops and vintage stores online is always a great place to find these kinds of goodies! 
One of my favorite cuffs is an engraved beauty from Western Chic Couture…it’s stunning and has a quote from one of my songs on it which I totally get a kick out of! 
You can get one HERE!

My go-to jewelry choices are usually always Sissie and me. I love this beautiful line they came out with a while ago, and how well made they are really means that they will last a long time. The color and pretty settings mean that it will go with just about anything you’re going to pair them with, and I wear them to spice up a dress of skirt all the time! 
You can get your own HERE

YouTube : www.youtube.com/user/buckaroogirlAdrian

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