Buckaroogirl’s top 10 rules for life…


(Sheesh thats frightening, advice coming from me)

1. Don’t listen to lists, or articles like the one’s you see on FB. 
Including THIS one.
ESPECIALLY this one. 
You’re unique and so is your situation.
Take these things with a grain of salt…make it your own.

                   2. People will talk about you, try to bring you down and be cruel.
That is the way the world turns honey.

Breathe, have a good cry-get a strong drink and try even harder next time.
Don’t listen, and don’t let them bring you down, that’s the only way you will win.

                    3. Work out, eat what you want and have fun, but remember you only have ONE life and one body, treat it carefully (hint to me and riding broncs, my body now hates me).
                                        4. Wash your face every night. No matter how late you get in, how tired you are or how badly you just want to go to bed….your skin will thank you. 

Oh, and wear sunscreen, skin cancer isn’t hot.

                      5. Always try to be improving something in your life. Whether it is your relationship with your family, your fancy loops, your horsemanship or you cooking-don’t ever stop trying to be BETTER.

             6. Listen to pretty music. I know this one probably sounds silly to a lot of you…
but at my darkest time and hardest places in life I was listening to music like Godsmack. 
Angry angry music with depressing topics. Not to say that I don’t love a good heavy metal song once in a while, but when I cut that kind of noise out of my life-I became happier. It is amazing how music affects your moods. Try it, you’ll be amazed.

7. Buy a pretty pair of high heels, a dress or something super girly
          Keep them for those times when you need to kick off your boots and remind the world you’re a girl…you’d be surprised how easily the guys you work on the ranch with forget!

                      8. Keep the oil changed in your car/truck. My great grandpa said if you can do ONE thing to get the most out of a vehicle, it is to change the oil. I am INSANELY religious about doing this, and haven’t been over the time to change it in years-because of that my trucks and cars run like a dream and I feel like a bad @$$ mechanic even though I barely know how to open my hood. 
No joke.

9. Take time out for family.  
    Even if you can’t stand them, one day-you will understand that family is the most important thing you have in the end. I used to not understand this, but it’s true.

10. Be FREE. If you hate your job, quit! 
If you don’t like where you live, MOVE.
People get so STUCK in places, and it always makes me laugh…
because there is always another job, another home, another beautiful adventure waiting to happen.
You are not a tree. You can uproot.

I love this quote, it explains what I mean perfectly. 

” If you have a passion for something, it should either be your 
profession or your hobby. Never lose a dream”

What rules are on YOUR list?





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