I am a bad, bad….blogger.

I’m a BAD, BAD blogger…

I haven’t actually blogged in forever, and since the dreaded summer class is over and DONE with…

I now have a chance to sit down and actually catch y’all up on what has been going on!

I finished a 5 credit class over the summer.
WHY, you ask?

Because I’m just THAT dumb. That is why.

But I also rocked that class (I’m hoping…I think…maybe…omg I’m freaking out please, please, please, post our final grades you silly school!) and I’m going to get this DANG degree no matter how much time it takes or what I have to do to get that dad-gum piece of paper.

I’ve gone to Colorado, Sonoma, & Santa Ynez…all while doing my 5 credit class.

Again, NOT very bright.

But, VERY fun!

Here is what Colorado was like….

Can you say GORGEOUS?

I was jacked up on coffee in a beautiful place with wonderful people and got to sing that night…life is good! 

Great folks in Westcliffe! 

My SECOND FAMILY, Mike and Liz Vanderhoof, who have made my career and life with music possible, surprised me with a visit and came to my show that night! I bawled like an idiot and had the time of my life!

Then, I took a little journey up to the beautiful wine country of Sonoma/ Hedelsburg CA….

To perform at the GALLO FAMILY WINERY at the Mac Murry RANCH…it was AMAZING
The beautiful Mac Murry Ranch…

I SANG here..among the redwoods…omg

It was so magical…what an experience! 

Those are some HUGE trees. 
I mean WHOA.

Then finally…. (ok so a lot of stuff has happened in between…but I have cool pictures from these things…so y’all will have to wait for a bit on the other adventures!)

My family and some great friends of ours headed to Santa Ynez for a wine tasting…I had never been to the Santa Ynez Carriage House (I know, totally nuts right?) 
And it was so amazing to see all the beautiful gear and artwork…I might have even had a glass of wine or two! It was loads of fun, great people, great wine, and there were some adorable little dancers who kept us entertained while we tasted…it was the perfect little retreat after a lot of hard work, studying, & running 100 mph!

All in all, the last little while has been CRAZY….
Very productive…and is about to get a LOT crazier. Heavens. Just the thought is enough to make me need another cup of coffee.
And maybe a taco.

Until tomorrow… (because I have exciting upcoming SHOW news

Love you all! 



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