Ranch girl problems, in a concrete world…


You knew this had to be coming again soon.

Didn’t you?

I mean come on, it’s over-reactive ME, in a California college with a bunch of non-beef eating hippies who don’t care for my moccasin wearing, gun toting self.

So I took a wonderful class over the summer, and I totally mean that it was wonderful, I learned a lot…

And not just about writing and english, but about town people too.

I am so glad that I was able to work and be on the road so much, AND that I got another class knocked off my school career.

However, that also means that I had to go ON CAMPUS, which usually means when I arrive home after school, I want to watch RFDTV, drink beer and eat a taco with extra BEEF just to feel a little more normal.

Ok, so as normal as I can get.

And maybe tick off some more hippies. I seem to do this a lot.
(Enter the world of Tumblr…did you know Buckaroogirl has a Tumblr? No? Well check it out HERE!)

Now, please realize when I say hippies…I don’t mean it in a BAD way.
I’m can be a little “hippie” myself.

As in…some days I wear a headband when I’m chewing on my tender steak.
Or, sometimes I wear long flowy skirts with my cowboy boots.
And I love the earth. And the cows who reside here.

But using the word HIPPIE is the only way I have been able to describe the people who attend the college I find myself in these days…

So, please do not take offense at this list, I say hippie in a semi-enduring tone…with a lot of sarcasm thrown in for good measure-because I am fluent in sarcasm.

If you are a ranch girl living in a concrete world:

  • Don’t wear moccasins, cowboy boots or anything that is not a pair of flip flop or TOMS to class. Unless, of course you like to be yelled at, called a murderer, or explain why liking to wear vintage footwear doesn’t make you a bad person.
  • Don’t argue with the teacher. Don’t humiliate them in class even if you are right-you will pay for it later. Yep. Ms. Homeschooler over here didn’t really realize THAT little perk of public schooling. Oops. Lesson learned. (I was right though, I swear.)
  • If you actually LIKE going to the library and reading all the old huge books they have on the old west, take advantage of all the Starbucks around and let the preppy boys bring you coffee. It makes the view of town a little nicer.

  • Don’t talk about butchering, skinning, field dressing, quartering, tanning or any other kind of “ing” you can think of. People freak.

  • Make sure you take your pocket knife out before entering the library, it will make the ALARMS go off. Trust me on this one.

  • Park your pick-up INSIDE the white lines of the parking space. That 1/2 inch of tire outside the line doesn’t mean “back off the big truck” in town…it means “give me a ticket and spray paint over my BEEF bumper sticker.”

  • IF you have to go to the bookstore before leaving for a trip to a show and you’re wearing Cowboy Honor jeans and a big hat…be prepared to be looked at like a freak, asked if you are a part of a circus, and have pictures taken of you. No joke. 

  • Whatever you do, do not support Kendal Jones openly, unless you’re prepared to defend why, and aren’t afraid of being glared at across campus. Regularly. 

Don’t take this list too dang seriously. 
But don’t give up who you are either, understand that no matter what – where you are from is important. 
Who you are is important. Being one thing doesn’t make another thing wrong, and being unique is what makes the world go round. 
Don’t let anyone tell you that if you wear leather boots you’re a bad person, and don’t let anyone say if you like to hug trees you’re awful (ok so that might make you a little weird-but not evil). 
If you’re feeling like a little bit of a refugee in town, don’t give up. 
Things can get tough, and town is (really) weird. 
But it’s just a few years out of your life….school will be worth it
I promise (This is just as much to remind myself as to encourage y’all). 

Hang tough, eat a lotta beef and wear your boots proudly. 
I am. 






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