WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo VLOG 2016

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The Working Ranch Cowboy’s Association is an amazing group of real people who wanted to make a difference. This was my 6th? (I think!) year with the WRCA in Amarillo, and I swear every year it just gets better and better. The dedication the organization has to making a positive difference in the ranching community and cowboy families is staggering, and I am always so honored to be able to be some small part of their World Championship Ranch Rodeo.

This year we kicked off the 21st year in Amarillo, and it was an action packed ride! They keep you busy around there, and I was running between singing, interviews, anthem’s and writing school papers…because, well lets face it – I never slow down.

Thank you to everyone who made this such an amazing and fun year yet again…here’s to the cowboy.



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