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Hello lovely readers!

I’ve had a lot of folks asking for a blog like this lately, so I decided to finally bite the bullet!

The blogging world is tough for me in all honesty…I am a very personable person, and I like being able to LOOK somewhere and TALK to someone! So vlogging on my YouTube channel is always just that much easier…BUT. (One) of my New Years resolutions was to blog more.

And so, I am here!

One of the questions I get all of the time from young women, mothers, working gals, stay at home moms, high school students, and sometimes even guys (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten y’all!) is time management. Travel and daily things to get done, time management and how to handle juggling SO much, when it feels like there is no way to add anything to the whirlwind of life.


When I was 13, I started working full time. Before that, I obviously worked on my family’s place, and was no stranger to long days and hard work…but I started working for myself in earnest at 14. Writing, recording, producing, performing and traveling. Booking concerts, making business deals and dealing with finances as a 14 or 15 year old isn’t something that horses, school or living in a tipi prepares you for, but it was the school of hard knocks for myself – and my family. While working through middle and high school, I lived in a 14 ft traditional lodge (my parents were totally cool) and would be driven to my performances by my family until I was old enough to drive myself. When I was 17, I began traveling full time on my own, and started to really take over my own business. I was HORRIBLE. I had no time management skills, no idea how to handle finances, never responded to emails and hated returning phone calls. Soon however, that changed. I quickly learned that this business was my “baby” and I would get as much out of it, as I put into it. I finally found my “groove” around 19.

The business took off in a different way, and after I got bronc riding out of the way…I was able to focus body, mind and soul on my business and mission in life. When I graduated high school, I took 4 years off and toured full time, focused on my music – and my world of cowboy music. I never have regretted those times, ever.

But soon, I longed to head back to school and finish up with what so many said I couldn’t do.

Most of you know I am the product of domestic violence as a teenager, and the impact that that had on my education was really huge, and still to this day – I have to force myself to not listen to what was taught over a relatively short time period. I was told I “wasn’t smart enough, I’d never finish, I would never do anything with it anyway, so why should I try?” And after a while, I listened….so breaking that mentality was a hard thing to do.

But I did, and boy am I glad! So all of that (REALLY LONG, SHEESH!) introduction is to say….. I’ve had a lot of y’all ask about HOW to juggle everything. How to handle everything there is to too successfully and still have a life. And I am so excited to share some of my tips and tools of the trade to get that done. It took a lot of years, and a lot of help from my family to figure it out…but these days it is a smooth sailing ship, with only a few hiccups now and then.

First and foremost, no matter what, remember that we all have different stories, and different things that we are responsible for. Don’t compare yourself to anyone (Especially me!) and judge yourself by that…you’ll never win that way. Remember that we are all also in our own TIME. Meaning that we are all in a different part of our story right now, and that no one is on the same timeline. If you start comparing, you’ll start sinking.


NOW. Lets get started.


I love lists, lists are your friend. But they are only going to be your friend if you have ONE list going, it is clean and organized and you know where it is. Stop writing stick-it notes and leaving them everywhere and invest in a good planner or calendar. I love the ones from Kate Spade, and Patricia Nash. Besides, something that you have to look at everyday should be beautiful and functional always, splurge on this piece…you will use it everyday.


IMG_4055 IMG_4057IMG_4056

Next, set a day for scheduling. Saturdays are my day for scheduling, and Sundays are my day for getting the pre-Monday things done like filming giveaway videos, shooting outfit photos and taking photos for social media posts that week. Getting these done ahead of time always makes my week that much easier, and as social media is an essential part of my JOB…I have to make sure I am prepared to the best of my ability. This means producing quality posts, not just something “thrown” together last minute. I taught myself about social media through reading, articles, forums, books, exercises, and trial and error…it has been worth it!




I have a lot of FFA folks ask about how I’m able to GET everything done. And here is the answer…IT ISN’T EASY. If you want it to be easy, you aren’t cut out for my lifestyle.

I attend university, and am only a few months away from graduation. Three days a week, I am in Santa Barbara usually on air reporting, and editing stories for TV, and the rest of the time…I’m running my business. Running my business includes writing, recording, producing, performing, touring, business meetings, emails and contracts, contracts and travel, late nights and early mornings, and no time to go out and just ”hang” like most folks my age. But guess what? It is worth it to me. When I can, I take off for the mountains, and they are my salvation. I know that it isn’t for forever, and I love the challenge of competing with MYSELF. To do this, I have to prioritize. I usually wake up at 5:30, make coffee and check my emails, messages, texts, letters and “To-do” lists. I respond to emails and correspondence during my first cup of coffee, and then move onto school. I do usually two or three hours of school in the morning, and then I head to do hair and makeup if it’s a day at the TV station…if not, no make up and a messy bun or baseball cap do. I begin a few hours of business emails again, phone meetings, writing, practice and anything associated with “Buckaroogirl” if I am not at the TV Station…if I’m at the station the day goes very differently, but that’s for a later time!



The day continues….but I’m sure y’all don’t want to hear anymore about that– because I’m rambling. As always.

All of this is to say, if you don’t prioritize, you will never get anything done. If you don’t wake up early, you won’t get anything done. If you don’t make those things your priority in life, and decide to put partying first, you will never succeed or get to where you want. You must make sacrifices, you must give things up and live a life that others just probably won’t understand. And anything that you want in life enough, is worth giving up other things for. Never forget that. So lets look back, remember there are always awesome resources available online, and great blogs that focus JUST on scheduling, time management and organization…I love those kinds of blogs!

• Lists

• A good planner

• Specific days for scheduling and organization

• Prioritize your to-do list

• Make the time

• Wake up early!

• Invest in a good planner

• Always make time for your health, enough sleep and some time off. it is important!


I hope some of these ideas and the way that I do things help you…I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I am always here in case you need some help taking that first step in getting organized.

It will make a huge difference in your everyday life, I’m proof!

xoxo AB


PS. I know there isn’t a full day of working horseback in this example, that is because this blog is focusing on business, blogging and time management….so we’re focusing solely on those issue in this blog!

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