Springing into style…

I love spring.

Although Southern California doesn’t dump buckets of snow and ice most of the time like I am used to, the dark wet days disappear and fresh air and sunshine find their way into each crack and corner of the world.

In between time spent outside – which lets face it, is only to get homework done before running away again – a spring cleaning and “touch up” of decor happens at my place preparing for the summer.

I find that although I can work anywhere, I really NEED a pretty space full of things that inspire me to do my best work. When I’m not horseback, I like having pretty gear hung around to inspire me, and small touches that will trigger good memories when writing.

Lets face it, I’m also really girly and love being surrounded by beautiful things from people I love. Books, trinkets and gifts from friends and family around the world are important for me to see everyday – they come from all corners of the world, and from Nevada to Syria the mementos bring me a smile.

I hope you enjoy this little peak into my corner of the world…it is tiny at the moment, but it is happy – bright and me.


What are you doing to change things up this spring in your home?

Post a photo in the comments below or let us know what your favorite centerpiece is in your space!


A Indian war club (always essential for bedside tables right?) Tin Pony candles, a cactus named Fred, and a favorite African figure…There is a whole other bedside table for the books, but it’s still a mess and never recovers! Book addicts unite…I always buy more even before I finish a current one. Oops.

Some favorite books and old magazines, as well as a perfect eBay find…braintanned and beaded cuff’s from the early 1900’s….

You can find a steer head like this www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteFauxTaxidermy…I love the unicorn one!

Vintage boots as a place for flowers…when they are done walking, they start earning their keep in other ways! You can find some dun different styles of cowgirl boots on the King Ranch’s Online Store HERE!  


 I re-did an old chair into a leopard and blue office chair, and keep some of my shell collection from the beach keeping watch at the desktop. I think it’s really important to find a space that you’re comfortable in, not just making “pretty.” 



I also find GREAT inspiration for different decorating ideas on platforms like King Ranch’s Pinterest Page HERE….Pinterest always gets those creative thoughts flowing, and there are always wonderful ideas for your own home there.


I hope you enjoyed todays post…cheers to spring!



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