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Highway 80

Release Date: March 13, 2008
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An eclectic combination of Blues, Western and Folk music describing today’s modern cowboy and ranch life with yesterday’s heroes. The CD expresses powerful, rich female vocals with mature, original and developed lyrics.

This is hardcore Buckaroo music. You won’t find “camp cookie” and “pretty little horses” in Buckaroogirl, Adrian’s music.

Instead, you’ll find the reality of ranch life, bad horses, coyote cattle, tough men and tougher women with liberal amounts of roping (for the poly deficient). Adrian’s music reflects this unromantic but harsh reality in every Nevada desert soaked note and phrase.


1. Old Dale
2. Elko
3. Winter Blues
4. Highway 80
5. Old Time Vaquero
6. Tuscarora
7. The Will James Days
8. Drifting Vaquero
9. Nighttime in Nevada
10. I’m Leaving Nevada
11. Don’t Forget Sis
12. Pequaps