Sometimes I like to wear a low cut shirt to show off nothing of value (no really there’s nothing there) but some marks on my chest.

I used to wear button ups all the time, covered up the scars and even had a high necked bathing suit to cover them when swimming. When people would see and ask about them, or the scars on my shoulders and back, I would mumble something about scarring easily (not true) and change the subject.

And then something beautiful happened.

A young woman who has read my #dearcowgirls for a few years wrote me, and said she had the same kind of scars wanting to know how to deal with them.

When she wrote, I realized that I was being a serious coward. I was scared of being that open and real, and was terrified of what people would think, or worse, say when they whispered about them.

I stopped.

I threw out my turtlenecks and stopped trying to cover them with makeup. I lost the idea of a fully tattooed chest piece (it was a solution at one point) and looked at them in the mirror.
They are burns.
They are scars.
They are ugly.
Painful reminders of torture and hurt.

BUT, the amazing men and women that have been so brave coming forward about their scars have taught me something incredible. I love these scars.

They are now my greatest pride, and a source of strength when I look in the mirror. Because they remind me that I am strong. That nothing can stop me, put me down or break me enough that I will not stand back up.

You can burn my flesh, but my heart cannot and will not ever go up in flames.

I see more and more women who are coming forward and showing me their scars from abuse, and I want to change our mentality that they should be hidden.

Your scars make you YOU.
You are just right.
You are brave.
You are alive and that should be celebrated.
To all of you beauty’s with souls on fire and scars on your skin, shout it from the rooftops. YOU are still here.
You will not be silenced.


As a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor, Adrian has found that her music is able to reach out and touch those who have experienced the same kind of trauma in their lives.

When the realization that the western world dealt with the same issues of abuse and violence as other cultures was discovered, Adrian made it her mission to bring about awareness to the ranching, cowboy and agriculture community, and more understanding related to abuse and violence.

As Adrian’s reach has grown, and experience as a counselor has morphed into part of her career – she began giving speeches and inspiration talks to colleges, professional groups and organizations on the recovery process, safely exiting abusive situations and her message of hope for those who are in pain. Her uplifting talks and encouraging words create a positive impact and enrich any group or educational experience .

Feel free to reach out to the website email contact to find out more about booking Adrian for your event, and create a positive impact with an inspirational and uplifting speech of hope and joy in healing.