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Dear Cowgirl

Dear Cowgirl is a community made up of hundreds of thousands of men and women, stretching across state lines and numerous continents. It is a place of both healing, acceptance, support, and tough love.


After publishing her first book, Dear Cowgirl: Letters to Women and interacting with her social media followers, Adrian discovered that the supportive environment she created fostered authentic communication which focused on mental health and wellbeing. No matter one’s culture of origin, everyone experiences similar challenges in life—however, transparent conversations about these issues are frequently limited and often stilted within the western world.


When Adrian began speaking up about her own experiences of domestic violence and abuse, others were encouraged to open up as well. A valuable support network had begun, and Adrian created the online Dear Cowgirl group. Inspired by the determination of fellow survivors, the group offers a nurturing space to forge meaningful connections and lasting friendships among members from all over the world.


From its humble beginnings as a letter to a young woman struggling with the real-life effects of abuse to today’s vibrant social movement, Dear Cowgirl is a common thread of hope binding together those who refuse to give up. 


Join the online community here and use the Dear Cowgirl hashtags #dearcowgirl

#dearcowgirlyouaresoloved on social media to connect with friends all over the world.

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