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Red Steagall…

When I was a little girl, I met a very jolly, kind man riding in an elevator at a Cowboy Poetry Festival.

It was the same festival where I first sang cowboy songs on an open mic, where the folks who would help me begin my career first heard me sing, and where Dave Stamey pulled me out into the hallway and said “ok gal, let’s hear what you’ve got!” It was a whole lot of “firsts” for a lil girl who knew two chords on a pawn shop guitar. I remember feeling like I finally belonged in and to something that mattered, and it was like coming home.

Rewinding all those years to the festival, the man in the elevator asked about the guitar I was carrying. He then proceeded to encourage, offer advice and make me feel like I was the only thing he had to focus on in that instant. I found my mom and dad a few moments later and gushed about how I had met THE Red Steagall…

The time Mr. Steagall took to make a little girl feel “seen” and like she mattered still reflects every interaction with him throughout the years. His kindness early-on was one of the major influences in my career, and at almost 85…he still is the example of excellence and kindness that inspires folks around the world.

What a sweet gift to watch him honored last night by the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and to sing at such a special event…

We love you Red! ❤️



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