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Adrian’s latest album Desert Dwelling Mama is a heartfelt and emotional translation of life in the west through bluesy sounds and the soulful songwriting Adrian has become known for throughout the cowboy, and now the outlaw music genre.

Desert Dwelling Mama - Adrian's latest album, a heartfelt and emotional translation of life in the west
Buckaroogirl by Adrian Brannan - delivers her third CD with vocal and instrumental power

The Buckaroogirl, Adrian delivers her third CD with all the vocal and instrumental power she has come to be known for, with resonating, mature, and deeply meaningful words of the cowboy life.

A duet highlighting the King of Cowboy Poetry, Waddie Mitchell blends his hypnotic poem, “What Will I Tell Him?” with Adrian’s family-focused ballad, “Branding Pen of My Father.” These two favorites of modern cowboy music and poetry unite to deliver.

Without losing her passion for the ranching west—Adrian takes her fans to new heights—through her emotion-filled lyrics and music. Both critically and popularly acclaimed, Adrian has reached into our souls and helped us see the truth of musical commitment, which transcends traditional genres. Is it Folk, Country, Rock, Western, or Cowboy?

No, it’s all of these and many more—it’s music people love and feel deeply—making it

their own as soon as they hear it.

Boots and Pearls reflect the baring of singer/song, Adrian’s soul through her passionate music. Producer, Tom Russell contributes to her tale of heartache and happiness always pointing

to her one true love, The West.

Boots and Pearls by Adrian Brannan - Emotion-filled lyrics and music that is folk, country, rock and western all-in-one
Highway 80 - by Adrian Brannan - Blues, Western and Folk music describing today's modern cowboy and ranch life with yesterday's heroes

An eclectic combination of Blues, Western and Folk music describes today’s modern cowboy and ranch life with yesterday’s heroes. The CD expresses powerful, rich female vocals with mature, original, and developed lyrics.

This is hardcore Buckaroo music. You won’t find “camp cookie” and “pretty little horses” in Buckaroogirl, Adrian’s music.

Instead, you’ll find the reality of ranch life, bad horses, coyote cattle, tough men, and tougher women with liberal amounts of roping (for the poly deficient). Adrian’s music reflects this unromantic but harsh reality in every Nevada desert-soaked note and phrase.

“A Little Bit Country” is the new single from Cowboy singer/songwriter Adrian Buckaroogirl. Although a hardcore western artist, Adrian explores and brings her listeners into the new and upbeat world of her own brand of country music.


Recorded by legendary six-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter Randy Sharp, and co-produced by mentor and co-writer Steven Sharp in LA, Adrian brings a fun modern take to a way of life everyone can relate to. With a down-home feeling, fun lyrics, and exciting beats, she will draw you into her first EP single “A Little Bit Country” and leave you wanting more.

A Little Bit Country - a single by Adrian Brannan - Recorded by legendary six-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter Randy Sharp
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