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My mood for 2024 is hammer down and go go go!!😜 ✨

2023 was wild y’all…

Like many of you, I enjoy reflecting on what I’m grateful for—and what I’m leaving behind moving into the new year…

I’m making a lil blog post on my list tomorrow, BUT in the meantime I want to hear about what you’re grateful for and what you’re leaving behind in 2023! ✨

Tell me what you’re excited for!!! Goals you’re aiming for, joys you’re hoping for, boundaries you are setting, things you’re planning on leaving behind in 2023 and things you’re adding for the New Year in 2024….


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Jan 02

To stop senseless scrolling on my phone and be present instead.If I start to go on social media: read one of the books on my kindle app. I still have physical books but I have quite a few kindle books too 😬

Read more books.

Write more, even if it’s just jotting down what I did in my calendar book.

Watch more movies—in theaters, streaming, and physical copies.

Exercise—even if it’s just stretching and body weight. I need to move more.

Enroll/transfer finally so I can start my Bachelors.

Continue to grow, level up, and get out of my comfort zone (that one is hard).

Go to Mass more.

The first one is the main one because then Iwill do…


I’m grateful for where I live my friends & family Ready to leave the chaos & weirdness that 2023 brought and looking forward to being the person I am meant to be. I’m going to be a bit selfish this year and take care of me mentally and physically and emotionally 🤠💖

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