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Dear Cowgirl…

Updated: May 6, 2022

Dear Cowgirl,

Isn’t it funny how many versions of ourselves we have have housed within one earthly body?

There is the “you” the world wants you to be.

There is the “you” you show the world.

There is the “you” your family & friends expect.

There is the “you” you show them in the hopes of keeping a form of peace.

And then there is the “you” you actually are deep down inside.

There is a choice every day when we wake up:

1: To live a life for others…and in doing so lose ourselves entirely.

2: To lose a few souls along the way…and find who you truly are.

I hope you remember there is only one “you” and in a world where POSITION seems to take place over PURPOSE – you are being brave by not hiding your magic.

You are being brave by not stifling your gifts to make others comfortable.

You are changing the world by being authentically you – no matter how that manifests itself.

You are showing what incredible things happen when you show up without apology…I hope you see your worth, and live with purpose.

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