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Ever heard of a ransom???

Good morning my friends...

WELL. It has been a while.

Obviously with the kick-off to a new semester at Georgetown things have been a bit crazy, however my recent radio-silence has had more to do with the loss of access to my social media accounts. We had posted a really fun giveaway in anticipation of Valentines Day, and I was SO looking forward to the new COWBOY GIRL design release launching on the 27th!

We had prepped, we were ready...and then I got something called a "ransom note" letting me know that my social media no longer was in my control and (surprise surprise) it was going to take a boat-load of money to get it all back.

Now, I don't know much but I'll be honest and say I did NOT care for that! It's been a bit of an uphill battle, but I'm excited to say I am FINALLY back and have access to my accounts. Because of that little hiccup, it looks like we may have to delay the COWBOY GIRL launch for a bit, just to ensure everything is secure before opening the store back up...I will have a new solid launch date for y'all soon I PROMISE!

In the meantime, HIIII!!! I missed you all! How is everyone?! What is new?! Tell me all the things! Also, just a word of advice...change your passwords, make em' difficult and don't ever give-in to bullies.

There is always a way around a problem, and if you can't go around it...go THROUGH it!



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