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Store opening, coffee is hot and it's my favorite day of the week!

Good morning and happy Labor Day Weekend friends....

I woke up early this morning with a to-do list about 18 miles long, 36 miles wide and doing a happy dance of excitement!

Today, my lil store releases new designs here on the website (BARBIE MACA y’all, I’m tickled to death!) “Dear Cowgirl” books are restocked in limited quantities and I am completing a project for an intimidating class I’m taking this semester…

In the midst of all the mess, I am reminded of all the times I woke up wishing that life would feel like this. Just like this. Not perfect, but enfolded in God’s love and full of peace. The calm feeling of knowing even while real-life things still happen and will always happen, He has it all under control. He has got me in the palm of his hand, there is no need to fear.

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of a sound mind.” [2 Tim. 1:7]

I don’t know who needs that this morning, but I know someone does. And so, I’m sharing it as a reminder. This verse was a comfort to me during some pretty rough patches, and is something I turn to again and again. That spirit of peace and a “sound mind,” not one riddled in fear–was something I used to crave. Without going on and on, my friend I promise it is WORTH not giving up on that peace.

It might feel overwhelming and scary right now, but it is so very worth holding on and trusting Him.

Today, please don’t forget that no matter how far it feels like you have fallen, no matter how impossible it seems–there is always hope.

There is always love, and there is peace waiting on the other side of all this fear.

Please be safe today no matter if you’re working or playing…and remember you are so very loved!


AB 💕

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Got to get me a couple more books I gave my last one out Sunday. I like to keep them on hand for gifts of encouragement to someone that is going through a storm in life. God Bless you my friend!


That was awesome to read today ❣️


Jaclyn Beach
Jaclyn Beach

💕🐂 This was wonderful to read!

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