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Sweet, slow Sunday...

A while ago, I committed to making Sunday a day of rest again.

After moving to Texas in a post-Thomas Fire haze years ago, I realized how the concept of “down time” had become pretty foreign to me. Most of the time I would stand and eat…while working, stand while reading…then working…and get into bed, and keep working.

So I set some parameters for myself, and it helped. HUGELY!

Sunday’s used to be a day of rest.


The rest, pretty much stopped.

My first year of school brought with it a unique set of stressors, challenges and worries. As a self-admitted workaholic, I just chalked it up to being stretched a “little” thin…but this summer I realized I had stopped taking my day of rest. I believe there are many reasons we are called to take a day of rest, and everyone interprets that rest differently. But the basic premise of taking some time and slowing down, meditating on the week that has passed and the days to come–I believe it restores more than just our bodies.

So Sundays for me, are again, a day of rest. I sleep-in later. I take the morning slowly and spend more time in His word over quiet time. I keep searching for a church family here in D.C. (y’all finding a new church home after moving is hard!) and I read, write and lay in the grass in the sunshine with Lefty. We listen to beautiful music, play songs just for fun not “practice,” cook good food and simply exist. It restores something deep inside that I can’t explain, and Monday morning has again become my favorite because of the rest on Sunday.

A fresh day to attack with gusto, but well rested and restored.

Today, I hope you get some rest friends.

I know our lives can be hectic and it feels like there is more pressure than should be possible coming at you from all sides–but please also remember–you were made in His image. Take care of the body He gave you and allow it to be loved and well rested. There is time.

All my love,



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