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Dear Cowgirl...

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Dear Cowgirl... by Adrian Brannan - poem

Dear Cowgirl,

The world feels really noisy somedays

Most days actually

The whole female race screaming to be more

To add more

To be aggressive

To yell louder

Feminism replacing femininity

To step back from things like

The news

The loudness of it all

The intensity

Social media




To allow joy

In the form of



Nice horses

Happy cows you can’t believe are yours

Perfectly worn flannel shirts

Hot mugs of stew on chilly November nights

Kisses from a happy, well loved baby learning how to giggle and kiss and crawl

Music that worships the Lord rather than degrading women

A trap line to walk again

Pulling out that unfinished quilt to sew

Will james books and their familiar stained and yellow worn pages

Hugs that last forever from true friends

Wildflowers in a Topo Chico bottle on the windowsill

Dinner and lonesome dove under a buffalo robe blanket

Making music around a fire because it brings you joy, not because someone wants to pay you

Freedom in open spaces

Freedom in hope

Freedom from it all

Freedom to let go

I hope you remember that

It’s beautiful to be a woman

It’s an honor to be a mother and homemaker

It’s a gift to be able to be soft rather than harsh

It’s a joy to be free rather than fit in

It’s a good life, if we just live it

Try it sometime


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