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A new month and new music...."Father's stand in son"

I’ve been quietly & steadily working behind the scenes (and in between classes, travel, exams and grad school commitments!) on the first “bootleg” single of the new album…and I FINALLY get to say, she releases at the end of this month! 🤭

It’s been a long time coming, but more on that later. 

If your daddy raised you to be his hardest working son…but you’re his wild-child daughter, this song is for you. 

“Father’s stand in son” was written for the cowboy girls, the wild ones and the ones who never quite fit-in. 

It was written for the girls whose fathers could depend on them to always be where they were needed, who were strong enough to handle the long days and gentle enough to ask for help. For the ones who tried to prove themselves again and again, before learning they always had been enough. Just as they are.

Not as the son he never had, but the daughter he needed.  

For all the daughters who were their “Father’s stand in son.” 💝

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