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Y’all, when I tell you it’s been a FIGHT behind the scenes with recouping access to social media accounts and ensuring the website is secure….I mean it’s been a FIGHT!

As of this morning it looks like all socials are secure, the website is weather-tight and the hatches are buckled down…but holy heck we can’t seem to deal with these spam folks! I sure apologize for the crazy amount of fake pages and weirdos on here, apparently when a page reaches a certain point they are just drawn like moths to a flame. Please please please NEVER click on links or engage with funny-looking comments or accounts. Just report em and hopefully they will haul off somewhere else…(or get jobs!) :D

In the meantime, we’ve announced a few REAL winners this morning on the FB page! If you commented on our lil M A C A giveaway last week, please know how much we loved reading through all of y’alls comments and stories of love. Whether it be husband or sister or best friend or animal companion, you guys shared who means the most to you and it just made my heart so full. I hope you take the time to tell the people in your life they matter to you, it is a gift to be able to pick up the phone-write a letter or give a hug.

Happy happy Monday everyone…I hope it was the best dang day!



ps. Announcing the new COWBOY GIRL launch date tomorrow!

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