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My holiday Gift guide and top five favorite western businesses...

I had the opportunity to sit-down with my friends over at Cowboys & Indians Magazine and chat about some of my favorite small businesses and goodies for gifts this Christmas...

(You can read that guide HERE!)


We had so much fun chatting about makers, designs and shops that I thought I would share some more of my favorite finds here for those of y'all who need some inspiration.


There are so many incredible small businesses and makers who are turning out beautiful work in small "batches" and drops online, and I always love supporting them over big cooperations and MEGA-stores. The best part about these folks is that you know where and how the goodies you're buying are created, and frequently because of social can follow along as it is made through the maker online!

What are some of your favorite small businesses and stores???

Let me know in the comments what you're hoping to gift and give this year...and what you're hoping Santa leaves under the tree!



Some of my favorite people and one of my favorite places....although Persimmon Hill might not appear to be a small business at first, each sale at the newly refurbished store directly supports the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and their beautiful mission to preserve the evolving history and cultures of the American West....

I love their collection of Native jewelry, clothing and (of course) books!


You just wont find better folks than Shane and Amy Riley. This cowboy family started the business in their kitchen with only a singer sewing machine and a few yards of cotton canvas. Over the years, they have helped hundreds of Cowboys all over the nation (and a few across the pond!) sleep under the stars in comfort. They build tough, made-to-last gear for the working cowboy, and they live the lifestyle they create products for....if you haven't shopped this small business yet, you're missing out. Check out the website for tipis, bedrolls and other canvas and leather goodies!


You guys didn't think I could write a gift guide without including my dear friends from Elko now did ya?! Caps is operated beautifully by Susan and John Wright in the town of Elko Nevada. John's mother Paula and her husband Doug became owners in 1985 after a long legacy of quality gear built for the working cowboy, and it's always had a sweet place in my heart because of the memories and legacy associated with it (not to mention the incredible shopping you can do in the dang place!) I'll never forget my sister recounting getting her cowboy wages cashed at the store and the awe I felt as a little girl looking at all the pretty silver, handmade saddles and old photographs upstairs...

A lot of my songs around the time Highway 80 was released originated from spending time in that country, and I'll never forget how it made my tummy tickle when Paula took the little CD I brought her and made a little girl feel loved and welcome. In 2012, Paula was tragically killed, but her legacy lives on to this day as Doug, John and Susan honor her memory by running the business just how the matriarch would have wanted. If you can't make it to the store in person, they have a fantastic online shop that makes it easy to order for you or your loved ones via the web!

My darling friend Nevada has always been exceptional at whatever she puts her mind to....that includes silver-work, motherhood, running ultra marathons and loving Jesus. She also is one of the most gracious and talented artists I know. As little girls, I'm pretty sure I always thought of Nevada as being more grown-up than she might have been age-wise at the time because she always just KNEW what to do and was so calm, kind and prepared. She has newly founded and manages an online school to teach the Western Trades called "Be A Maker School." She now lives in Southeastern Oregon with her husband Levi, and little girl Clara Lovett. She creates the most eclectic designs with an old-school vibe, and I know y'all will love her creations AND her beautiful soul.


Sharon, the owner of "Buck Wild Rags" is just a gem. I saw her the other day in Texas at the WRCA trade show and after hugging her to within an inch of her life shouted how obsessed I am with her work, and her daughter. Back in 202? (something?!) I performed a show in the Bakersfield area for some awesome folks, and Sharon's daughter Lindsay ran over and gave me the biggest hug. She made me feel so welcome and was so a place where she didn't have to be. I never forgot how that made me feel, and view her kindness as a direct result of being raised by a strong and GOOD human like Sharon! Buck Wild Rags was started in 2010, and produces stunning 100% Italian silk, satin, cotton and chiffon wild rags. They are handmade in the great state of Texas, and are never outsourced beyond the good ol' USA!

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