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Dear Cowgirl…

Updated: May 6, 2022

Dear Cowgirl,

Start by picking up the phone, right now.⠀

Call a friend you’ve been meaning to reach out to, but just haven’t found the time to call.⠀

Start by putting on your tennis shoes, and walking to the bottom of your driveway.⠀

Start by reading a book you already own. Sit down for ten minutes, read one chapter. Then another.⠀

Start by volunteering one day out of the month. Then once a week. Find where you are needed and step into that void.⠀

Start by trying to talk to a parent about your relationship. Be prepared for it to be incredible or terrible. But listen. It will change your world.⠀

Start by not waiting for tomorrow to make small changes, that will add up to big life results. ⠀

Dear Cowgirl, please just start….I promise once you just begin, you’ll never slow down. © ⠀

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