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Dear Cowgirl...

I think it’s beautiful how you keep trying

How every time life knocks you down, you get back up and smile How you are learning to slow down How you are learning to let God handle challenges that feel insurmountable

How you are starting to actually get to know the real you

I hope you love who you discover The real woman, not the one you had to pretend to be for so long

I hope you love all her cracks and little flaws I hope you smile when you look at her laugh lines and crow's feet at night

Before falling into bedroll canvas Exhausted, dusty and sunburned with happiness Tan lines at your wrists and along a white forehead 70s records and 80s jeans

A pack of dogs and trailer load of good ponies

Memories to comfort you when you’re older and dances in small towns to celebrate the now

Phone calls and hastily written cards home

Stolen moments between the wonder and worry and wildness of living life

That deeply settled feeling of not constantly looking forward for the next thing But embracing and living in the now

The right now

The gift of the past propelling you forward The gift of the future stretching out before you

Dear Cowgirl, I think it’s beautiful how you never give up


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