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Dear Cowgirl...

Dear Cowgirl,

There can be so much pain, hurt and anger in this world.

There can be so much terror, tension and so many unknowns, that at times it renders you immobile and fearful beyond action. Beyond understanding. And beyond belief.

Some days it is easy to feel small and powerless as the world spins on.

But on those days, I hope you reach out a hand to someone, and hold on tight.

Dear Cowgirl,

I hope you remember fear isn’t wrong, but it is not a solution, and you are braver than you think.

Fear is what you’re feeling, but bravery is what you are choosing.

I hope you remember that hope, love and joy still belong to those who offer it freely to others.

Today, I hope you find a little bit extra of each, and give it like a gift to someone in need. ©adrianbbrannan

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