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Dear Cowgirl 7/10/23

Dear Cowgirl,

I hope you’re weird.

I hope you’re whacky.

I hope you’re safe in body and never in the chances you take.

I hope you don’t allow heartbreak to turn you away from love, that you sing at the top of your lungs, and dance your way to the pickup every time.

I hope you remember to hold hands, to say what you feel and damn the world’s expectations.

I hope you realize that a life lived with simple joy is better than any kind of false perfection social media portrays and grandparents won’t always be around…take time to sit and listen a while.

I hope you have joy, purpose and strong belief in that higher power for when the power goes out in the world.

I hope you have love, I hope you have hope. ©adrianbbrannan #dearcowgirl

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