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Dear Cowgirl X Jackie Crawford

Originating from a letter to a young woman who reached out years ago about navigating life after domestic violence, “Dear Cowgirl” was frankly, by all accounts—the best accident of my life.

The resulting online groups, international communities and now TWO (!) books are the accumulation of years of lessons and love from a million different places—but mostly, the incredible women around the world who inspire each “Dear Cowgirl” letter.

When I released “Dear Cowgirl: 100 Poems of Hope” this winter, life was crazy. I had just moved to Washington D.C. to attend grad school at Georgetown (Hoya Saxa!) and was traveling more than I should have—like, performing at the NFR while studying for finals (don’t do that kids!). Looking back, I most likely did not give the book the attention it deserved.

However, regardless of how busy I got—the cowgirls didn’t forget.

Jackie Hobbs Crawford was my hero for years. It wasn’t just her winning attitude, and how you could tell she didn’t take “no” for an answer. It was her class and kindness that spoke volumes. The way she conducted herself at rodeos, with fans—heck with me! That grace made her the obvious choice to write the forward to this second book…and I’m so honored she said yes.

We just restocked both books on the website today, and I’m sitting down to reread Jackie’s beautiful forward yet again tonight. Because like all the strong women who make this #dearcowgirl movement so precious…Jackie motivates, inspires, and reminds me that anything is possible.

I hope you love her beautiful forward in the book as much as I do.

Thank you Jackie, you are an original “Dear Cowgirl.” 💕

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