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Living in chaos VS peace

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Happy Saturday my friends!

I realize things have been a lil quiet here on the blog this last week, mostly because school and life has been a wee bit CRAZY!

I have about twelve million missed calls and texts on my phone. There are so many emails and alerts when I open the dang thing my heart starts going all crazy, some days it feels like I just might not ever get through them all!

But, even on the crazy weeks and days...I am so grateful for this beautiful community we have here.

I know we all experience those “crazy” periods of life where it doesn’t feel like you will EVER get things done or be calm again….but deep down, it’s comforting to know that it will slow. Things will get done, tasks will be completed and worry isn’t necessary.

Typically, Sunday is “my day” where I try to take a little time to sleep in and rest, but this week it’s switched with Saturday since Sunday I have a little something wild I’m doing (more on that later). I woke up a little later, drank a little more coffee, lingered over my quiet time a wee bit more. I sat in the sun and breathed deeply. Took lefty for a little adventure.

Throughout the morning I keep feeling this deep sense of peace, even through the dinging of the phone and running to-do lists in the back of my mind. Not peace in the “chanting/meditation playlist” kind of way, but peace in comfort and confidence of who and what I am, where God has me and what He has in store for me. Peace in my nervous system and soul, the kind of steady existence that I never knew while dreaming of the day things would hopefully just be “okay.” Peace because I remember the days when I used to dream of days filled with joyful work and goals to work towards, not living in fear. Days when I used to wonder if anything would ever be even okay again, let alone safe and beautiful. There was a time when life was not filled with this hope or calm….and to have experienced that, and now THIS kind of living…well. Let me just say it is a gift.

It’s not a gift I’ve taken for granted, and I hope to never forget the sense of wonder that accompanies my daily realization that life is in fact–THAT good. That peaceful, that joyful, that full of promise and goodness.

I know we all experience different seasons of our lives, but if you’re in the period of life that feels hopeless, scary and full of fear–please just remember, there is peace to be found.

It isn’t always like this, and if you’ve been looking for a “sign” to choose the path that seems terrifying yet strangely RIGHT…please take it.

Please choose peace. Choose safety for yourself and those you love. Choose to be around people who lift you up and cherish you rather than cause hurt, fear and tear you down. Choose the hopeful path, the challenging path, the one with God waiting at the other end.

Choose hope–you’re not too far gone.

I know it feels like nothing could possibly “fix” what you’re going through right now, but I promise you can and will come out of the other side in one piece. Whole, and ready for new challenges, but challenges where your heart is still safe. Where you are able to explore, and breathe deeply and grow–while at peace.

Please choose you this time friend. If you have been waiting for a sign–this is it. It’s time.

You are so very loved,



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1 opmerking

19 sep. 2023

Yes, m’am! 🙏🏼✨💕☕️

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