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Midterm melodies...

Good morning my friends!

Well, it happened. Midterms have come and gone and it sorta feels like when one of those big ol’ red cows blows by and out the gate so fast you never saw her coming....

There one moment...gone the next....and all you can do is laugh.

This year, midterms have felt like a pretty different chapter for myself and Lefty. We were still getting the hang of things here in the big city of Washington D.C. last year at this time, and frankly, it felt a bit overwhelming. Now, I’m not denying still needing to use a map sometimes when finding my way home from Capitol Hill…but it's sure a lot less intimidating these days!

The past ten months have been a beautiful period of growth and change. Discovering things that I seriously doubt would have become apparent for many years, had I not made the “leap” and come to Georgetown. Similar to memories collected while living in my truck and pursuing that darn undergraduate degree–nothing I have learned the last year could be limited to a course taken in a lecture hall. Instead, it has been a beautiful combination of real life experiences and classroom creativity, topped with a lot of adventure and a little bit of caffeine.

Now that midterms are out of the way, it’s time to focus on the lovely period of calm to look forward to…all four seconds of it!

I admit, I thrive a little on the chaos of life during this period. So long as there is a good soundtrack playing and enough coffee, I can handle pretty much whatever the day throws my way…speaking of which, it’s time to finish those readings for class! Can you guess how many I have this week?!

Thanks for waiting on me while I turned in those midterms y'all…

Let's sound-off, how is everyone doing?!



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