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Sisters stick together...

Once upon a time, my big sister Lizzy traveled with me while I zigzagged around the world, singing for my supper.

Now, if you’ve ever run across my sister and I in real-life you probably figured out pretty quickly that we are best friends, confidants and soul mates. She was the first person to hold me when I was born (no joke, ask my poor mother about it!) and she is the one thing I have always refused to give up, no matter what. I’m the one thing she has refused to give up too. It always has made me giggle because no matter what our age or situation, fellers would come along and think they could just kinda split one sister from the other like they were sorting cattle.

However, the jokes on them! We are a package deal.

Growing up the way we did, the built-in best friend thing was really true. No matter where in the world our family called home, I had the constant reassurance that my big sister would be there to back me up, kick me in the pants when needed or catch uncontrollable giggles alongside me in church. She was the constant.

Lizzy is blonde at heart, but her hair refuses to stay the color she wants. Most people assume I am the scary one, but it was always Liz who could hit like a man (again, no joke…I’ve seen her terrify fellers who used to bare-knuckle box). She has the softest hands with a colt I’ve ever seen, but if you mess with her little sister she will fix you up with the most ruthless tongue lashing you can imagine. In all the ways that I am not, she is. All the cabinets I cannot reach, she steps in and all the dreams I can’t admit to myself–I admit to her.

We like to say God created us as opposite sides of the same teardrop. For whatever reason He ordained, us sister’s have had some pretty challenging life experiences, both individually and collectively. Looking back, I see just how blessed I was to have this long-legged creature in my corner through it all, and I am grateful.

Now before you think that all is too sweet and things get mushy, I will douse this blog with a little reality…ELIZABETH RAGES. No, that is not a misprint. For someone who has had to fight off death more times than you can shake a stick at (both due to her health complications and questionable driving ability) Elizabeth rages harder than anyone I know. She left home when she was 19 to go cowboy in Northern Nevada, and I thought then–and still do to this day–that she is the coolest. From Scotland to Ukraine to Nevada and everywhere in between, God gave me a built-in best friend to do life and adventure with..and she has always kept things interesting.

Now, don’t tell her I told you…but one of my favorite memories is of when Italy got the best of her that one time (okay, both of us really). If you’re brave enough and are lucky enough to corner her into a conversation, ask her about this one time at an Italian roping when she decided to take over Europe.

Fantastically cheeky.

Napoleon had nothing on this girl.

Back In those days, Lizzy wrote and ran our sister blog, and the other night I found myself returning to some of her hilarious narrations of our misadventures and giggling over the ridiculous Brannan sister-escapades we seem to always find ourselves in…

Like that one time I got locked out of my own show by an overzealous volunteer at Elko. Liz got so upset she threatened to fling a poor unsuspecting old lady through a window and had to be placated with stale toast and hash browns from Stockmen’s at midnight. I loudly recounted how red her face got when the volunteer looked at my name tag and firmly asked me to leave until she threatened to leave me in the middle of Iowa. It was splendid.

That one time a United States Representative asked me to perform for his campaign dinner. When asked whether I wanted to be paid upfront or after the show, I responded that my daddy told me that when dealing with politicians or prostitutes to always get your money up front. Yeah. I know. I’m still a little red faced over that one.

That other time I made poor Lizzy cry at a “Young Guns Show” with Andy Hedges and Brenn Hill at Elko. She bawled and then blamed me for not buying waterproof mascara. Rookie move.

How Lizzy always refused to engage in the thrilling sport of shopping (she is terribly narrow minded) until meeting George Elsner, whereupon she immediately ordered a fancy set of gorgeous spurs…that she still won’t trade me to this day. Again, le sigh.

That other time lizzy whooped so loudly when I got off a bronc onto a pick-up man I heard her from clear down at the other end of the arena. Later Hezzy asked if she had been a cheerleader in high school. For a homeschooler that girl sure can cheer.

…and it’s pretty cool to see her now, thriving. The other day, our parent-friends (we are lucky girls to have so many sets of 2nd parents around the country!) sent me photos of her horseback. In a few pictures, she was wearing a MACA sweater of mine and grinning like she just won the lottery. Later in the day, Cody texted me some videos of her sorting some bulls and I just sat down and cried. See, I used to pray for days like that for her. Watching her horseback again, braiding rawhide again…hell, just walking on her own, it is an answer to prayers that have been going up for years.

The topic and danger’s of Lyme disease is one I will save for another day, because it deserves its own blog with as much information as I can entirely…and besides, this blog is to giggle as the silly situations us Brannan sister’s get ourselves into. But suffice it to say, there is a lot of joy and gratitude in our family right now. You quit taking things like health for granted pretty quickly when the people you love are fighting to sit up in bed without assistance, and you praise His name pretty loudly when He restores them.

Today is an exciting day (okay I’m excited everyday let's be honest) but even MORE exciting than usual because MY BEST FRIEND IS ON HER WAY TO COME SEE ME!!!!

Y’all, I can’t claim to be a “reserved” person (never really have been) but this is a whole new level of excitement. All the fun is about to happen….it's like Christmas in September!

Pictures to follow, happy Tuesday everyone!



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תגובה אחת

Your sister sounds like a true cowgirl badass lol seams to me I need to watch out around her when near you my dear

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