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Slowing things down....

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while, and Lefty and I have covered quite a few miles, received many grades back (WHEW!) been to Las Vegas TWICE..and been down sick for much longer than I care to admit since visiting home! Stepping back from being online so much in order to spend time with loved ones is my favorite way to ring in the winter holiday…especially since we all know I have a “love/hate/hate” relationship with social media! I cannot tell you all how much all the lovely birthday wishes have meant to was the most beautiful birthday to date, spent with the people I love the most and surrounded by joy and peace. Big mountains, old planes, good dogs and clear skies. I am too dang blessed for words and don’t take a minute of it for granted…thank you for all your love! 

Although I adore a good kick-off to the New Year same as anyone, I have to say that the start of a New Year isn’t something I feel is required to turn over a new leaf or “begin again.” These short, colder days can sometimes feel restrictive and dark…yet they are also the perfect time to focus on slow, deliberate living and sunshine around the corner! 

Little things I am doing to “slow down” this year:

x. Not looking at my phone first thing in the morning (I used to be SO good at this and started slipping with grad school taking priority!)

x. Making more time to just play around with my instruments while keeping up with an intense school schedule…no rules, just music. Just fun and creativity. 

x. Writing more letters, baking more bread and climbing more mountains. 

x. Dirt under my nails, ropes in my hands and old books in my bag…but that is nothing new ;) 

What are some things you’re doing to slow down this year???



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