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The last week...

The last week has been filled with:

1. A visit from dear friends all the way from Elko, Nevada (the BEST gift ever!)

2. Midterms

3. Midterms

4. Midterms

5. New product design/approval/distributer meetings

6. Writing on new project (no I can’t tell yet but it’s exciting and worth the wait!)

7. Meeting for song collaboration/recording (Y’all can’t imagine and I’m so excited it’s silly)

8. Show booking approval for 2025 (already?!)

9. New album artwork meeting + approvals

10. Evening gown fitting

(Pause to drink excessive amounts of coffee)

9. Homework

10. Readings for homework

11. More homework

12. Program event (it’s officially fall in D.C. y’all. I need to pull out wool sweaters soon!)

13. Lord’s day, worship, writing, cooking…phone calls from mama and Face Time with sister, dancing to 1930’s tunes in the kitchen and starching the sin outta some vintage Levi’s.

Onto more readings and work on a sunny Tuesday my friends…

But first, tell me. What’s going on in your part of the country today?



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Much needed rain the past few days in our part of Eastern Oregon for which we are very grateful. Feeling the fall chill and enjoying the fall vibe. 🍁

Me gusta
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